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Instead, he chose a new, never-before-seen manager: the lovely Miss Elizabeth.

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When Savage started showing glimmers of heroism in feuding with The Honky Tonk Man, the crowd ate it up.

We, too, were sufferers of the battered-person syndrome that had trapped Elizabeth.

And the confidence that she showed in that match was probably what nudged Savage back into lunacy.

Hogan’s increasing affection for Liz didn’t help — though it should be said that that affection was mostly of a Prince Valiant, asexual variety.

We, too, wanted so badly for Savage to return our affection.

One night in October 1987, when Savage was being brutalized by Honky and the Hart Foundation, Elizabeth scrambled to the back and returned with Hulk Hogan to help, and when the two icons shook hands after they had dispatched the delinquents, the crowd went wild.

His success with women was ironic, as unlikely as his success in the ring.

What’s more, his ongoing transition from heroic underdog to diabolical scoundrel was so much more compelling than anything that AJ, his new ladyfriend, could provide.

Not only did we hate Savage all the more for his abuse of her, but she gave us an excuse to watch even his most menial matches intently.

No matter who he was mangling, his greatest conflict came from the insane jealousy he felt over the woman outside the ring.

This is one of those scenes that went well beyond the movie, which is impressive since this flick is pretty damn low on the John Hughes totem pole.

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