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These manuals will not be given the space to be performed again at the Triumph School, but rather serve as learning experiences for both author and participant — a way to see the gaps between intention and group understanding.Although this is an interesting way to elicit satisfaction from the author, I personally believe that each manual worked despite its inherent failures, and would be curious to see new audiences’ representations of the original texts.Due to time constraints, the fluctuating group of participants (some came and went, while others simply dropped out) was asked to skip over several parts of the projected seven-hour manual, which posed increasingly personal questions, like, “When did you last cry in front of another person? ”, to be answered out loud to the group, and included a blindfolded walk throughout the property while listening to Jennifer Moon’s “Like Moor’s piece, Glover and Wylie’s felt demanding to the point of some participants voicing concerns about being manipulated toward the end of the experience.

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We were being broadcast to horny observers across the globe from the former library of a five-classroom schoolhouse in rural Illinois.

The exercise was the last in a set of instructions outlined in an artist manual crafted specifically for the Triumph School’s first experimental weekend project, carried out from Saturday, September 17 through Sunday, September 18.

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We were then instructedto “complete” the mural with a slightly less diluted mix of the same paint.

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