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It’s all the words I would never typically use to describe myself. As I was moving into my apartment over the weekend, the Comcast guy shows up looking pretty handsome. But, has become my mantra, and I’m determined to live it out, even if it costs me a few therapist visits and a couple thousand calories of comfort food in the process.As he’s leaving, he stops to jot down his cell number, “just in case there are any problems.” Now listen, I’m not very experienced in the dating world, but I know a sign when I see one. So I waited the appropriate amount of time (7.4 hours), and feeling filled with the Spirit, I texted to ask him out. The next morning I received his response: “Hey, if I was single I would go out with you in a heartbeat.

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Our smart ideas include flexible plastic trunking, a box to hide your chargers in, as well as a set with cable clips and ties.

From behind your TV to under your computer, they’ll help you end the cable chaos.

Casey (now affectionately called Comcast Casey) seemed very knowledgeable in his trade and always wiped his feet at the door—great potential husband signs. I took a risk, I asked out a strange boy—and he said no. Especially because I’m getting Chinese food delivered tonight.

Toward the end of the appointment, we started talking about TV shows we each enjoyed, and we spent about 15 minutes comparing notes on our favorites. I fluttered my eyelashes and made conversations with a stranger!

A woman "swipes" through profiles of men on a dating app, but none of them seem to be her type. She tells the woman that if she can get picky finding Mr. Sling's "A La Carte" TV service allows users to personalize their channel lineup starting at $20 per month, giving the woman control over her options unlike her dating app.

Her friend watches her, unamused, and looks for a way to break the swiping cycle.

Tall This site brings together tall singles and their "admirers." It offers a free membership with a paid option, and there's a blog where people can post their own articles.

A recent search turned up one user asking if they were the only person there, another sharing favorite quotes and a post from someone whose horse was suffering from self-confidence issues.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - A federal judge in Oklahoma City has sentenced two Houston residents to prison for their roles in an online dating scam that conned victims in multiple states out of millions of dollars.

Last month the judge sentenced 33-year-old Akunna Baiyina Ejiofor to seven years.

Jessica Carbino discuss the money behind dating— what it takes to meet the right person, and how to financially navigate the dating world.

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