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Angered, Nikki quits on the spot (before falsely claiming that she slept with Vince after his and Tess's honeymoon), and the altercation ends when Tess angrily retaliates by smashing the passenger side window on Nikki's convertible with a crowbar.

Meanwhile, Ali and Jack become romantically attracted to each other.

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Cher and Aguilera contributed to the soundtrack album, with Aguilera contributing eight out of the 10 songs and Cher taking the remaining two.

The album was released in the USA on November 22, 2010 and received two nominations at the 54th Grammy Awards.

After she finally earns Nikki's respect, Ali performs "Show Me How You Burlesque", written by Jack (who refused to allow Ali to listen or see his music throughout the movie due to it not being "ready") with all of the dancers on stage, much to the crowds' delight.

Aguilera made her theatrical film and musical debut as the lead character, a "small-town girl with a big voice", who finds work at a Los Angeles Neo-Burlesque club, inspired by Bob Fosse's Cabaret and European burlesque entertainment.

A very jealous Nikki shows up drunk and picks a fight with Tess, calling Ali a "slut with mutant lungs" and feels that Tess has rejected their long-term friendship for Ali.

Tess, who has grown frustrated with Nikki, questions her gratitude for the help she has received from her during her many drunken binges.

At Georgia's wedding, Jack appears to call off his engagement and becomes drunk.

That night, Ali and Jack sleep together, but the following morning Jack's fiancé, Natalie (Agron), unexpectedly returns from her play and finds the two in bed together, angrily insisting that she and Jack never broke up.

Tess immediately decides to have Ali become the main star of a whole new show at the club.

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