Bridget mcmanus dating

During one of the brainstorming sessions, I decided to create a conniving power lesbian role of Bridget with the name “Diane Dregloe.” So ADVOCATES is both inspired by my time and experiences while working for After Ellen and literally because of people I met at After Ellen.AE: I love the way you use satire and humor to reflect the politics that come with LGBTQ.

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Bridget mcmanus dating

Right now the LGBTQ community in America is in a really interesting place.

We’re more accepted than ever, we can marry, we’ve made more progress in the last ten years than the three hundred before it. There’s serious tension between cis and trans people, lesbian and bisexual women, bisexual and pansexual, queer and gay.

AE: You were always one of AE’s most opinionated and sharp-witted writers. Are the characters relevant to your own life and observations? And yes, all the characters are very much inspired by people I know or know of. You might recognize her name from previous works with After Ellen and her current work with LOTL and Curve, but Chloe Curran is making headlines this time in her web series writing debut with ADVOCATES.

A lot of jokes and scenarios are pulled right out of my life or the life of my friends and then jazzed up a bit. The series is brutally honest and plays on some of the LGBTQ's more famous tropes.

Even the soundtrack is composed of only LGBTQ artists: Fabiola Cristina, DEVMO, and No Girlfriends.

We wanted to create something authentic, weird, and funny that allows LGBTQ audiences to laugh at themselves.” We’ve seen the first few episodes, and they are, as promised, hilarious. The series lovingly skewers nonprofit culture and politics while depicting entirely out and proud LGBT characters.

ADVOCATES centers on GULPTAB*, a fictional nonprofit and America’s most powerful LGBTQI institution.

The two-episode arc will follow protagonist Iris as she wrangles an intensely devoted trans fandom king, flirts with her inappropriate intern Casey, and tries to bridge the gap between two very different parts of the queer community.

Most of my friends don’t mind me shamelessly stealing all the best bits of their lives and putting it in a script. AE: While at AE, you wrote often about lesbian culture, and the way lesbians are depicted on screen. A series featuring queer characters played by real queer actors, this series is sending an important message to Hollywood.

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