Briana evigan dating robert

After leaving, they soon headed to a dance club in Los Angeles.It was quite a popular place for the local celebrities.As Robert and Briana swayed back and forth on the dance floor, Rob looked over the top of her head.

But suddenly they heard a loud rumble of thunder and saw lightning strike.

The electricity went out as soon as the lightning struck."Damn it" Rob yelled in frustration."Its okay baby, go get some candles and we can take this into your bedroom." Briana said calmly.

Briana couldn't help notice how sexy Robert looked in his khaki pants and white collared shirt with blue stripes."Babe you look so damn hot in that dress" He said slightly out of breath, causing the beautiful brunette to smile"You don't look bad yourself". They were standing in the middle of the dance floor holding each other close.

Briana had her hands on Rob's chest and his hands were placed on her waist.

" She turned her brown eyes to him for a moment."Chicken casserole or this egg casserole…thing? " Robert teased smirking at her."Shut up and answer the question Boy Band." She gave him a small smile as Robert stuck his tongue out at her."I think you should get the chicken casserole Sunshine."Briana thought about sticking out her tongue at him but decided against it at the last moment and bit the tip of it, causing a tiny bit to stick out between her lips.

Robert glanced at the tip of her tongue and inhaled slightly.

"But it's so hard because you're so have self control"Giving a playful smirk, Briana shot Robert one last seductive look as the waiter brought their dinners to the table.

Robert and Briana had a nice time at the restaurant.

They started swaying to the music, and Rob's hands soon moved to her butt.

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