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Rafael (Justin Baldoni) and Michael have finally found an easier relationship.

Rafael even tells Michael that he’s really impressed with Michael for taking the LSAT.

Jane has decided to re-create their date to the Carnival to help them both de-stress before Michael takes his LSAT.

Of course, the date acts as a bookend to their relationship – it’s both their first and last date as a couple.

And finally, another flashbulb memory for me was his breakdancing and doing the worm at the wedding. The episode ends with a three year time jump, so presumably we will see if Jane took the publishing job with Chloe (Maya Kazan) – her dream job that she landed only with Michael’s help. Has Rogelio and Darci’s (Justina Machado) reality show rocketed them to fame and fortune? And have Luisa (Yara Martinez) and Rose (Elisabeth Rohm) managed to pass Rose off as Eileen? I am sad that Michael never got to really experience the joy of seeing his baby come into the world.

And I’m sad that we will lose all that Brett Dier brought to the show. Was this a fitting close to this part of the story?

Should we have expected this because this is how the story plays out in the original?

The new season will find the rock star on the bus with his lady suitors in a series of challenges, like Truck Stop Olympics, a BBQ cook-off, and Mud Bowl 3, in hopes of winning a place in Bret’s heart.

I’m thinking especially of his Jimmy Stewart in the Hitchcock parody a few episodes and let’s not forget that awesome stand up routine he did!

And then there was the puppet show he did for Mateo. Are Scott (Wes Anderson) and Anezka (Yael Grobglas) still blackmailing Petra? Has Xo (Andrea Navedo) grown closer to Tess (Dannay Rodriguez) and moved in with Bruce (Ricardo Chavira)? I realize that kind of happiness is pretty much doomed on a soap opera, but I hoped that a telenovela might prove a safe place because of its limited lifespan.

Who isn’t going to miss those two riffing on each other?

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