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According to an NPR analysis, it was in fact his 46th stop — almost all of which were related to fairly minor traffic violations.

To critics, Castile’s history shows one of the massive racial biases in policing: Black people are, in many jurisdictions, more likely to be stopped for traffic offenses.

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Anthony, Minnesota, police officer not guilty of manslaughter, as well as two counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm, according to the Star Tribune.

In an era in which police are under heightened scrutiny, Castile’s death was received as yet another example of the type of racial disparities in police use of force that have continued to garner national attention after the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in August 2014.

Yanez approaches the Oldsmobile, and Castile hands Yanez his insurance card. Yanez gestures to his holster and tells him not to reach for it.

Castile begins to answer, but Yanez cuts him off, as he shouts, “Don’t pull it out!

” Castile says he’s not pulling it out, and Reynolds echoes Castile.

He shouts again not to pull out the gun but then quickly fires seven shots at Castile.

Reynolds said Castile reached for his driver’s license, after reportedly letting an officer know he had a legal gun.

(Castile had a concealed carry permit, according to family.) The officer then allegedly opened fire.

And with each of those stops, there’s a risk that the police encounter will escalate — potentially leading to a deadly shooting.

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