Blue collar and white collar dating who is jamie burke dating

I've found blue collar workers to be some of the best men I've ever met.

I think you're cutting yourself short to think that they're out of your league. You can't please all the people anyway, so why worry about what anyone thinks.

She was living in, though, and was used to a more upscale neighborhood north of Atlanta. All my friends say I'm easy going, in fact it drives a few of them crazy, as I'll set off for a weekend in the city, and have absoultely no plan. I just take it as it comes and let the day play out in whatever way it chooses to. I know some of my friends get a bit envious of the fact that I have a three day weekend, EVERY weekend! That being said, I don't know if I'd be able to roll with a millionaire or anything.

It was a very white collar, upper-middle to upper class, soccer mom and CEO sort of area, and, for whatever reason, she loved it there. We ended up having more than our share of discussions about our differences and, in the end, we didn't work out. I just wouldn't have the funds to live the lifestyle, unless they are down with me being a stay at home spouse. league-schmeauge I have barely more than an high school education but have a professional job that normally requires an MBA and I hold my own quite well in either "league".

If someone seeks to be involved with me based solely on a "league", we probably won't do well together.

I've yet to meet a woman who was interested in a man she considered to be of a class lower than hers. It has something to do with money but I'm not sure what.

Nothing I did or said was ever good enough for him, and he couldn't decide whether he wanted a Stepford Wife or a super-high-earner - neither of which I would be.

Second husband: high school graduate who had a "blue collar", though highly skilled job.

It all depends on what the other person is looking for. I'm a firm believer in the fact that you can make anything work out if both people are willing to try. The biggest difference between us, was that I had sooooo much less stress. I don't have to devote a single thought to the work day, and what will happen tomorrow.

Education/job-wise, my last girlfriend and I were about the same. I couldn't understand her way of living and she refused to try to understand mine. Also realize that it can go the other way around, too. I don't think that it matters, as long as the two people get along and don't let it affect things. She on the other hand, would be planning, marking, stressing all night.

I don't choose men to be involved with based on their educational background, job, wallet or social status.

I choose men based on how well we get along with each other.

First, he'd been listening to my lecturing about repairing his credit and did it.

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