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Still nothing had worked except for creating a new user in Windows 7 with administrator rights, now this was fine until I had realised not all of my files/programs were here, I could run Starcraft 2 once again but I hadn't liked it so I reverted back to my old user.

My Solution: Like I said above the only solution that worked for me was creating a new user in windows 7, this might work for you it might not, however majority of your files/programs will be transferred so you can test Starcraft 2 without having to reinstall or anything, for me it worked fine but I didn't like it one bit hence why this is only a Semi-Fix.

Blizzard launcher updating tools Super sex chat without registraction

Launcher stuck at Downloading updated tools World of.

Launcher stuck at quot Downloading updated tools quot World of.

Downloading updated tools Stuck on it World of Warcraft.

Wow Stuck On Downloading Updated Tools Download Site.

Blizzard Launcher controls the settings for the Blizzard Downloader when it comes to pre-patching. Configuration options for displaying the program’s options panel are also available.

This includes Path Downloader preferences, Prelaunch Wo W preferences and a Website link to the Wo W Account Management website, which can be used to access the Parental Controls.

Can you try removing the starcraft file found in your Star Craft II directory, then try the game again?

Also, try restarting into a Selective Startup, so we're sure nothing is Can you please try the steps It sounds like the agent is malfunctioning or being prevented from working, hopefully the steps there should sort it out.

The application also provides a Public Test button link that will redirect users to the PTR login website.

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