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Children, mostly grown and out of the house, along with the security of a relationship that of built with trust allows us to share our sexual experiences, including the same sex ones and to feel safe in our sexuality and acceptance of our partners in life that we can then try out some of the alternative sexual fantasies we've been having.Even those who have become single again or remained so from the begininng now have comfort and the security of where we are in life sexually and otherwise.If only common sense would prevail, and some would loose the power trip? What you are feeling is normal and every woman felt the same at some point. It helps to have friends who understand and you can be open with. As I considered the question, the first thing that came to mind is the body of research that indicates that a large number of males have their first sexual experience with another male.

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Hugs, Yannick and Frances Interesting discussion here...

some a bit anal and clinical - I joined this forum to meet others with similar interests, and some language related to sexual activities is expected!!!!

Come here and either I'll give you a time of your life or you will give me the time of my life just msg me and let me know love ya all If you know me please don't say anything or spread anything about me please out of respect!!!!!

I'm tall 6 feet tall 164 pounds I am a bisexual male I do love to be drilled hard and long especially by groups and groups I love the non stop pleasure Also DO Not ask if we could hook up, unless you live near my city, or will be traveling through here!!!!!

Having at this point in our lives rendered our post puberty fantasies and sexual play surfiet with having tried them all out, it is perhaps not too unusual that we see experimenting and ultimately enjoying a same sex, sexual experience as a chance to take a bite out of the 'forbidden fruit'. First though we want to congratulate those who have finally reached the 60's, 70's and the 80's!

We are emotionally secure and feel comfortable in trying the exotic! Balloons Balloons To be in the Top 50 Hunters list, you need to have at least 58 or more eggs!We don't sleep around so any matches would be considered steady partners. Sometimes short notice at a hotel call me visit you for a drink.DD free and want the same, we love to chat and get to know eachother because friendship is important. Prefer people who will be nude all the time with us. Happy, great sex life, not much experience in this area but have some 3some experience. Somewhere around BWI is good and Friday and Saturdays night at 10 pm is the hottest time for a nice suprise. I can get you a cell number if you want to be ready, just let me know.MWM nudist, enjoy fun times, no means no, no pressure. My name isleroy I love big black shemale sick in my assignment and sucking big black shemale sick too raw cum in my ass this is my number too all black shoemaker big dicks I really do want too dickand suck big black dickrealbad I am 47 yrs, 5' 10" at about 195lbs, I am curious about sucking another guys cock with a couple as she direct, or with a Lady and her boyfriend.Would like to find a bi female or bi male or bi couple to join in fun. I have never crossed this line before, but I have thought about this very much.Indulge your desires right now by getting on the hottest Bisexual Chat Line and get the most indulging chat experience!

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