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Now, a year later, I think I am ready, but no men are interested. Men in my age group that are healthy and active are very limited and I do not feel comfortable dating much younger men, although I have been approached by several.I think she should think twice and quit playing games as you seem to be a really good thing for her.Trouble is sometimes when we first start seeing someone one person may imagine the situation to be alot more than it actually is.

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Still, it shouldn't be so hard to walk out on this deal, right? You'll vacillate between guilt if you leave, but repetitious bouts of shame if you stay. Some folks develop a secret plan for their abrupt escape, in response to many years of having to fear a partner's emotional and/or physical volatility.

This probably isn't the best or most admirable way to exit this relationship, but the sad reality is, it might be your safest and most sound option.

Use constructive words, especially if you’re giving advice or asking someone to make a change.

Validate how they feel, avoid blame, and keep your judgments to yourself.

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Making Your Interactions Positive Being Considerate of the Other Person Improving Your Skills Community Q&A Mastering the art of honesty without hurting other people’s feelings means you can effectively communicate and build stronger relationships with those around you.

Consider the other person’s feelings and aim to take a friendly, non-threatening approach.

The plans were made as a joint effort for something we both wanted to do.

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