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Az DGDating Lite is a Web-based dating platform featuring Pay Pal support, uploading of photos, internationalisation, templates, 35 registering fields, messaging system, birthdays, a recommend us script, a powerful admin mailing list feature, quick/simple/advanced search, a favorites users list, security system, 2Check Out integration, an affiliates program, e-cards, banner ads, and more.

Az DGDating Lite is a Free dating script working on PHP and My SQL.

You will reap an array of favourable things when you use the most special infrastructure and web-building tools.

Compare key factors Beginners to the professional web hosting services in recent times seek what factors they have to consider and how to identify an ideal web hosting service.Mail List Manager have many great features, such as merge lists, sort, remove duplicates, special filters and formats. Remarkable benefits of using the best web hosting servicesthe best web hosting in canada Many men and women in recent times get bored with their routine work.11 Templates, Multisite mode, Search engine optimized, Instant messenger, Multilanguage, Ban Users, Blogs, Articles,...100% Templates Based, Messaging System, Multilanguage, Multitemplate, SEO optimized, Matchmaker, Up to 64 photos upload, Slideshow, Video or Audio files, News, Testimonials, FAQ, Polls, Thumbnails and Watermarks,...Mail List Manager is a tool for organize your emails lists.Az DGDating Lite is a free software application from the ASP & PHP subcategory, part of the Web Development category.

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