Asus m4a785 m updating the bios

Like all BE processors, the 720BE had an unlocked multiplier, which made overclocking it an extremely simple process.

asus m4a785 m updating the bios-46

But if you found a motherboard from a similar Asus laptop that has the same layout then sure. But at some point the time you spend getting it to work will exceed the value of the $50 or so you are saving.

If you are doing it for fun and adventure that is one thing.

Why would you pay Intel for a Dual core when you can get a Tri core from AMD?

However, the surge in demand for 720BE processors started when a Korean overclocker first discovered that the “defective” core could be unlocked. 790FX/SB750 790FX-GD70 – 1.5B1/1.5B2/1.5B3 Bios – SUCCESS!!

Many believe that the increasing rates of successful unlocks is due to AMD purposedly binning perfectly working X4s as X3s to sastify market demands. Your chances of getting an unlockable X3 chip just got better. AMD Phenom II processors – Codename Heka (Tri-cores) or Callisto (Dual-cores). There is a possibility of unlocking those disabled cores using ACC and the right motherboard. My personal motherboard of choice is the Biostar TA790GX 128M with 78DEA113 BIOS. 790FX/SB750 DK 790FXB-M3H5 – 04/02/2009 Bios – SUCCESS!! *Thanks Rosaki* KA790GX - FAILURE KA790GX-M - FAILURE Special note about KA790GX/KA790GX-M motherboards: Even though these two motherboards have a SB750, the traces to activate ACC are not soldered on the PCB. The Unlocking Process In terms of unlocking your “defective” cores, the process is actually very simple. Unfortunately, for 720BE users, it is most likely that your fourth core is defective. If you are still having trouble, you can also try to bump up the CPU-NB voltage.

In terms of which steppings you should choose, I have noticed no “guaranteed” stepping. Even if you don’t end up unlocking the 4th core by following this guide, you can’t go wrong because you still would have gotten the best bang for your buck. I have successfully unlocked my X2 550BE and X3 720BE with this board. *Thanks Desert Rat* TA790GX XE - Mod Bios available - ??? For 550BE users, thankfully, you were still able to unlock one of the two defective cores!! It is possible that your processor requires a bit of a voltage boost. Stock is 1.2v, and I would keep increasing it until 1.35v.But laptops aren't our thing This one is an ASUS K52F REV 2.0. As long as you plan to clean install windows then there should be no reason why the parts (display, HDD, DVD, and - assuming compatibility - RAM) will not all work in a new motherboard. Because of the design of the laptop shell, the hard drive and RAM need to go in one particular location to be accessible, the USB ports, sound, and card reader must all align with the openings in the shell or you are into some serious modifications.Any suggestions, or do I have to match it up with what is factory? For these reasons alone the idea becomes unreasonable.This phenomenon eventually extended to include X3 710 and X2 550BE processors as well. A little bit of luck Choosing the right processor As previously mentioned, all of AMD’s Phenom II processors contain four cores. *Thanks PKV* GA-MA790FXT-UD5P – F3b/F5 Bios – SUCCESS!! *Thanks jbranton* 790GX/SB750 GA-MA790GP-DS4H – F3h Bios – SUCCESS!! *Thanks mr.05'rsx* DKA790GX - 1.8 Bios for Platinum version of mobo - SUCCESS!! Congratulations, because you probably just unlocked your processor.Unoffically, AMD reported record sales of X3 processors, no doubt, in part due to fourth core unlocking. Motherboard with ACC support (SB710 or SB750 southbridge) or NCC (Nvidia’s answer to ACC) AND supports core unlocking. X2 processors are X4 processors with two disabled cores, and X3 processors are X4 processors with one disabled core. AMD Phenom II X3 720BE If you insist on picking a particular stepping, you should check out the two links below: 1. 720BE Steppings with Successful/Failed Unlocks Choosing the right motherboard: In my opinion, this is the determining factor of whether you can unlock your processor. *Thanks Neo Anderson* DKA790GX Platinum – 1.9b2 Bios - SUCCESS!! Some users have been reporting seeing the "X4" designation, but only seeing three cores using CPU-Z. If it still doesn’t work, keep increasing Vcore to 1.4v.Rather than throwing these defective Quad cores out, AMD decided to repackage these chips as Dual cores or Tri core processors. They would sell these processors at a cheaper price to recover costs and also minimize wasted parts.

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