Are reggie bush and kim kardashian dating

Kim Kardashian has elevated herself to a mega-successful brand.

But once upon a time, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star prided herself on being a highlight of the weekly magazines.

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The two younger daughters now begun to work as fashion models, while Rob, the only brother, has established his own entertainment career.

Like many reality programs, Keeping Up with the Kardashians follows the family as they shop, lunch, run their businesses and enjoy spa treatments.

Her half-sister Kylie Jenner has made a fortune with her Lip Kits which come in several shades and have been sold online and at her pop up shops.

The 19-year-old saw her fame increase 10 fold when she added lip filler, changing her looks.

In fact, the height requirement is just a bonus qualification (which explains Reggie Bush) and might only be of real importance to the for the lankier sisters.

Not surprisingly, the NBA has a been a go-to source of eligible bachelors for the ladies of the Kard clan.

Maybe the rumors about A$AP getting busted cheating on Kendall are true, and she's out for a little revenge.

Maybe Blake secretly broke up with his baby mama and has managed to keep it out of the tabloids.

Kourtney often provides the voice of reason in the dramatic family.

The other siblings receive less screen time, but have managed to parlay the family name into career opportunities.

As with most families, tensions brew, fights explode and are then dissected by the family.

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