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“I would love to have a career like Charlize Theron,” Alexandra told when asked about her goals.Author has written 64 stories for Harry Potter, Bleach, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Clannad, Fairy Tail, League of Legends, Naruto, Haruhi Suzumiya series, One Piece, Maid Sama! Cloud and Tifa desperately try to keep warm until the power is back on and find that the best thing to ward off the chill is someone to share the warmth with. Watch the movie carefully, you see it's sunset when Cloud disappears in the explosion, and morning/midday when he wakes up in the church. What if Naruto interacted with his parents when he went to subjugate the Kyuubi? HP/HGWhat if Hermione's parents had pulled her out of Hogwarts after she was nearly killed by a basilisk in her second year? Years later, she returns and learns about his life in her absence. One day, he's not the Boy Who Lived, and the next, magic doesn't even exist.When her inner muscles clenched at the memory Miss Fortune swore under her breath, knowing fully well that she wouldn't be satisfied unless Zyra's hands (not to mention her vines) were on her again."Have you ever even played chess? Everything is on the line in a horrifying game of... The cabin sets up a date, while—ignoring Silena's warning—a few of the other girls secretly spice things up a little. Annabeth ends up drunk on a love potion and she's head over heels for Percy, but it's a little bit too much for him to handle. Why does she spend so much time waving things, like this ruler, in such a silly way ? Annabeth then thinks of reasons behind all of Percy's hard work. On a blisteringly hot day, Harry Potter stands in his kitchen staring at an unsuspecting Hermione with an ice cube in his hand.

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Ugh, I feel sorry for Izuru, having such feelings for a dense girl.

When Artemis's parents force him to go to sports camp, Artemis is horrified. Story's problems have hopefully been fixed and is in it's original form. I signed up for a penpal through the new system that Hogwarts was offering in order to "bring us all together in this new era".

, and Final Fantasy VIII.7/10/2017: Into the 20-page mark of outlines for a new story. H/Hr A distraught Harry Potter is tired of his Wizarding life - the press won't leave him alone. "Trelawney never made the prophecy, Voldemort was never defeated on Halloween of 1981, Britain has fallen into darkness, and Harry Potter is just another no-name soldier trying to smuggle a certain Muggleborn witch out of Death Eater territory Some Fluffy bit of H/Hr goodness. So Harry, being the only one aware of it, sets out to find out what went wrong SPOILERS FOR 392 AND 416 .

Will take a bit to go up but there will be consistent updates once it does.7/14/2017: Chapter 1 is done, barring a few touch-ups when I go back to edit further down the line.7/20/2017: Chapter 2 is in the bag8/15/2017: Chapter 3 is history9/12/2017: Chapter 4: Finished Just a dude who really loves to watch baseball and write. Cloud gets home from a long day at his mercenary job killing things and looks forward to relaxing for the night. After a long period of debate, he decides to leave the Wizarding World. Will Hermione be able to admit her feelings for Harry over dinner? With Hinamori fighting for her life in squad 4, the guilt Hitsugaya feels for his actions has not subsided.

“The character is really different from anything that I’ve done before.

“I think one thing about this role for me was that it was a huge challenge for me,” she told MTV News.

Recently graduated (hence the long span of time with relatively few updates) and ready to replace all that time previously spent doing homework and essays with time spent writing fiction. Perhaps he can find solace away from it all, with the one he truly loves. "For the last time Matsumoto, I'm not participating in that stupid Valentine's Day Blind Date event! Can onions really make that big of a difference in her love life? H/Hr of course.a Harry and Hermione version of a modern Pride & Prejudice. Will he continue to relive the past in his sleep or is their a way to melt the nightmares away? Hitsuhina FLUFFAre Harry and Hermione more than friends? He wants to ask Hermione about it, but he doesn't know how.

I will always leave up my old stories no matter if they are finished or not. He's just a little bit angry because Annabeth's talking to another athletic boy, and hey, that's perfectly normal, right? Harry is a returning war hero who meets Beauxbatons graduate, Hermione Granger. Hitsuhina, Ginx Rangiku It's Toshiro's birthday, and Momo originally had a perfect gift, but after seeing the gifts from his admirers, is her gift anything special? That is until Snape has them make a polyjuice potion in class and Ron gets an idea.

Juliet and Holly go with him to keep him company, but that doesn't mean they keep him from making a complete fool out of himself! Rated T cuz I feel like it COMPLETEKind and Pretty, Momo is a transfer student from the U. Smart and Athletic, Toshiro is the most wanted guy on campus. The summer before Harry's 7th year finds him working at a job his Aunt and Uncle make him take. But can you really fall in love with someone through letters?

When these two opposites meet, they know they're meant for each other- but not if an angry fanclub can help it. An AU HP story involving a "dare" game between two childhood best friends that become more serious as they grow older.

When it is brought to their attention they retaliate and then drift apart.

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