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“Thanksgiving” is a paean to the beauty of annual rituals and how we think about real and imagined families. We covered a range of topics, the way you do when you connect with someone immediately.

She and Aziz Ansari wrote the episode together in a hotel room in London, filtering her own coming-out experience through Denise, her character on the show.

The episode is quietly epic, in large part due to the direction by Melina Matsoukas, who paid attention to the details from the cross on the wall to the plastic covers of the couch.

This is probably the most autobiographical thing I’ve ever written, but the cool thing is I got to play with it and lighten it up, because at the time it was heavy and scary and crazy. ” I thought that was really cool and I wrote into that. talk at the dinner table, that was my grandmother — God rest her soul — she was obsessed with it.

But it is about a ten-year difference from when I came out to making this episode, so I have a lot of space and distance from it, which I think is the best way to tell the story. The whole story about me seeing an Indian family and thinking they were black was real. That’s what I did as a kid: I used to ear-hustle all the time!

Mindy Kaling confirmed her pregnancy back in August after being outed by Oprah Winfrey (we're pretty sure even if it's not true, if Oprah says it, you have to go get preggers to make it true).

But up until now, the That all ended Thursday when Mindy shared a pic on her Instagram of an ADR session — a photo in full profile, showing the bump in all its sweater-clad glory! We don't know the exact due date, but O did say she was five months along during July's D23 Expo, so it's right at nine months now. Ch-ch-check out the first full look at little Mindy Jr.

I didn’t even make it back to my hotel when Aziz called and said, “We have to tell that story, and I need you to write it.” I’m like, “I already have a full plate, I trust you guys,” and they’re like, “No, you have to write it.” I was in London filming something, [Aziz] came, and we were in his hotel room and we just banged it out.

There were scenes he’d put in the computer, and other things where we’d go back and forth to find the funniest thing.

It was the best experience collaborating with someone, because Aziz and I were so comfortable with each other at that point that I felt comfortable putting very autobiographical, vulnerable things into it.

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