America american women dating puerto rican men

She began her career on Michelle Rodriguez Where does an actress who can box, race cars, surf massive waves, and look incredibly sexy doing it belong? Michelle Rodriguez plays women who aren’t afraid to get messy, and that’s hot.

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He currently has four albums to his name with another due out sometime this year.

Rita Moreno Sure, she may be 81-years-old now, but this Hollywood phenom was one attractive woman, and she hasn’t lost her touch!

Soto turned beauty into business landing covers of American and British Zoe Saldana Though we’re sure her acting talent is the chief reason Zoe Saldana continues to win role after role, we also guess the actress’ sexy bedroom eyes don’t hurt!

Saldana has starred in films like Raquel Castro At 18-years-old Raquel Castro is the youngest looker on our list, but a lesser age doesn’t make her any less attractive!

She’s best known for her role as Daisy on the Disney Channel Original movie Nina Sky Yes guys we have it here for you, every man’s dream: twins.

With the Puerto Rican musical duo Nina Sky comprised of Nicole and Natalie Albino, you get two for the price of one! David Blaine There’s something about David Blaine that’s simply magical.

The actress’ kissable lips and penetrating eyes are just two of the many reasons she has a spot on our sexiest list.

Good’s most recent role has been in NBC’s newest TV drama Lauren Vélez Actress Lauren Vélez has an air of radiance about her that creates an instantaneous attraction, and of course she’s crazy smokin’ hot!

Since passing on her crown, the aspiring actress has been working to bring her good looks to the big screen.

Alanna Ubach Actress Alanna Uboch’s comedic flair has had us rolling in theaters, and anyone who can incite laughter like her is super sexy, but did we mention she is incredibly attractive too? Ubach has had roles in films like Freddy Rodriguez Freddy Rodriguez’s smirk of a smile makes us wonder what he’s up to, and what’s more alluring than a mysterious man?

Rosie Pérez A sweet face and rockin’ body make for a nearly unbeatable combination!

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