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At a meeting last night to plan just such an event, one committee member suggested a 6PM start to maximize the participation time of the most affluent constituency of the expected crowd – the “mature” set.And on a Saturday, this might have been a workable idea.“Flower Girl Melanie Schmidlap and Ring Bearer Kevin Wangdangdoodle”) – makes it a lot harder to omit treasured friends and family members.


By working backwards from the projected time when the Seniors will start leaving (10PM), a 7 o’clock start was arrived at.

This gives our AARP crowd time to review the Silent Auction items first, and bid up the prices a bit before the Yuppies arrive.

Four such drapes, no bigger than 8 feet high and 8 feet wide, would have made an difference yesterday.

To get the most sound absorption for your buck, I recommend placing your decorative drapes in front of the corners in your room.

The faster a person spoke, the more difficult it was to understand them.

When anyone from the audience coughed, cleared their throats, or spoke to someone beside them, are planning an event at a similar location, know that speeches will be made, and hope that your audience will be able to understand the speakers, do yourself a favor: invest in fabric.But at the mid-point of the party, several dignitaries made short speeches.And – for them, as well as for those trying desperately to understand their words – it was… As the voices bounced off all those hard surfaces, their tones came back – again and again – to interfere with the intelligibility for those in the audience.Those who stay will have no more official business to interfere with their dancing and conversations. Almost as frequently, I also introduce the members of the bridal party.In order to avoid making an enormous fool of myself, I always ask three things of my brides regarding any list of key family members and friends. This gives me time to look at the list without distractions.coordinator, who is busily lining everyone up for their big entrance (“easier” because she and I are working from the same list).

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