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Kelly Ingram and Karen Gallagher, clinical associate professors in ASU’s Department of Speech and Hearing Science, have heard about such situations from clients at the department’s Speech and Language Clinic.

The clinic offers two intensive summer programs for adults with Many of the clients they see at the clinic are no longer eligible to receive services through insurance.

And then, as she was researching a large scale dam failure as a maritime studies senior at Texas A&M in Galveston, Munguia realized what all the signs were pointing toward.

“I've always been a person that stays very calm during an emergency.” At the age of 31, Munguia (pronounced moon-GEE-uh) is the spring 2017 outstanding graduate for the College of Public Service and Community Solutions in downtown Phoenix.

She is already putting her master’s degree in emergency management and homeland security to use.

“So this is an inexpensive way for them to maintain their communication skills and have opportunities to communicate,” Gallagher said.

Another function of the programs is that they serve to train ASU speech and hearing graduate students for careers in the field.

After an initial evaluation of clients’ needs, abilities and interests, topics of discussion are chosen.

In the past, sessions have incorporated book club and movie discussions, and even a classic car show in the parking lot outside the clinic where clients were able to chat with the car owners and ask questions.“[The programs are] really driven by the people, the men and women who come here, and their interests,” Gallagher said, “and those can shift from year to year.

So we have ideas, materials and resources, but it’s driven by the individuals who come.”Ryan Calvert has been attending the aphasia clinic for several years since suffering a stroke in September of 2006.

He went from not being able to remember simple articles like “he” and “she” to being able to get his thoughts out in a “smooth and succinct” way.

She said the adult programs have helped her appreciate clients as individuals with specific needs.“That was something I really had to check in with, remembering they’re not kids,” she said.

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