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Need a fast sink net that you can laaunch out in front of your boat Pogies will get scarace in Novemeber but we will see increased schools of cigars and boston mackerel.November hot spots will start off 90's and as water cools will push to jungle/shark hole then to horseshoe and 32 mile rock and in December/jan will be on ledges around the tower.A couple of years ago I went on a charter with Captin Jacob and caught plenty of black drum off of live shrimp under the Ocean Isle bridge.

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Wildlife does a good job moving the cans around, but key is always..away from white water If not fishing from a boat: -canals/intercoastal; Carolina Rig with mud minnows for flounder/redfish.

-if fishing from beach front, blue rig with cut mullet for blues/sharks/reds or Carolina Rig with mud minnow or mullet minnows for same For the gulf stream, later is better as the fall wahoo bite will kick in as the water cools.

Fishing from shore, any info would be welcome, I can't get past the blue crabs. not sure why you would do that as breaking strength of 20lb won't hold up to pressure of 100lb.

If you thinking grouper, your running line needs to be approx. But most folks use a blood knot to make connection.

When you see it bouncing, slowly raise to surface and free line small pieces of the jelly ball. Hi, I notice that your charter fleet always has good electronics.

I am going to upgrade my boat and wanted to know who you recommend to do the work. question, my son & I are visiting ocean isle this weekend from Sunday to Tuesday. I was wondering what you would charge for a 4 hour inshore fishing guided trip? preferably Monday morning (7/17/17) the groin project is to start this winter.

Also I have seen several different brands that you have used, What do you recommend? don't know impact to inlet but generally, our inlet is ok.

Watch out for a full moon low tide with a strong southerly wind.

New to fishing in the winter months for kings when we can't find pogies easily. Where around the tower should I look for cigar minnows on the bottom to jig sabiki rigs for them? They should continue this weekend as nothing dramatic with weather this week and it is settling from cold front on Monday Pogies are up and down the beach, usually better off Long Beach.

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