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Please note that school will NOT be in session for 9 we will host first round matches for the Nebraska state volleyball tournament in our building.

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BCPS Presents: Your Child’s Sexual Health Parent Information And Conversation Sessions A series of workshops that will provide strategies for parents to talk to their children about sexual health.

The free registration and CSS profile waiver are available to students in a FEMA designated disaster area. Mindfulness for Juniors 11th grade-Discover Your Super Power.

No tuition was charged; instead, students performed "30-minute jobs" every day.

That changed in 1948 when the Accrediting Association required member schools to charge money. In 1976, the school's name was changed to Grace College of the Bible.

Popular programs include business, intercultural studies, communication, pastoral ministries, psychology, music, and teacher education. Facilities include a state of the art library, a new gym (which hosted the NCCAA division II Volleyball National Championships in 20), a newly remodeled teacher education wing, and wifi across campus.

The teacher education program is one of the biggest programs offered at Grace University. This program strives to provide biblically integrated curriculum as well as challenging, up-to-date education.

Among the possibilities of teacher education programs, students can receive a master's degree, bachelor's degree, or an associate degree of education, elementary education, middle school, and high school.

Students are also given the opportunity to pursue a degree in music education.

It is a great honor and pleasure to be the principal of the premier high school in Broward County. Free SAT To assist with easing the relief efforts in the Hurricane Irma disaster area, the College Board is offering free November SAT registration and an CSS Profile fee waiver.

In addition, parents will learn about how to get assistance to use online and other resources that are available to them.

The latest session in the community awareness series, at Southeast High School at p.m. Parents, students and community members are all welcome to learn more on this topic.

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