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I have no problem with using paypal, you have to know how to do it.

First you accept it as a gift, not a donation, not a subscription, not a recurring value, not a sale.

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Think of it this way, if someone wants to use their email address at paypal to send my email at paypal 10 bucks, paypal cannot tell me which website to give that gifter some time on, it is a legal transaction from person to person as a gift. FYI, gifted money (unless you use the one time exemption) is technically taxable: i.e. Grandma gives you $10,000 one time gift to avoid taxes.

Further more, how does one expect Paypal (and others) to differentiate what is a gift and what is not?

What's more, Sexier is currently the only trusted adult webcam site online that accepts payment by Pay Pal, making your transaction 100% secure and discreet!

There's a trick to using Pay Pal, here are complete illustrated instructions for paying with Pay Pal on When I first opened I was impressed by the layout of the site.

I can't use Zombaio as it's not supported where I live. lol I have personally done that search and I can tell you there is a reason I had the Zombaio plugin made for oxwall.

There is not really to many other options out there.

You have the data so process the customers transaction on your end and your done.

The secret to not violating the pappal TOS is to not process it as a SALE from an adult website, if you flame yourself of course your going to violate the TOS.

You can also send them an email at [email protected](I think) and ask them to review your website for consideration.

You have to read the fine print in the TOS, this goes for all services you use.

I believe (correct me if i am wrong) what they are saying in their TOS is that you cannot process a sale transaction for a adult product or an adult service sale using paypal.

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