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But as NOBODY who walks the earth is perfect, so is NOTHING on this planet perfect — neither are Chatbots. And on the trail to the vision of intelligent robots, Chatbots might be a significant cornerstone in that direction.

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Undoubtedly, Chatbots have become a hot topic being widely discussed in newspapers and magazines around the world. Similar to basic Chatbots of today, she/it was programmed to match keywords with a dataset on a closed domain.

Strangely enough, her/its closed domain lies in the field of the Rogerian psychotherapy.

This basic form of Chatbots in turn can be altered and programmed to eventually arrive at more intelligent bots that may converse not only on closed domains but an open domain as well, meaning that the user may also give commends outside the actual context.

For instance, when communicating with a news bot it may answer unrelated questions like “how is the weather tomorrow” or “find me red sneakers” as well.https:// News Daily/?

fref=ts During the last developer conference in April 2016, Facebook announced that it would open up its messenger platform for the commercial use of Chatbots, and so did Microsoft, We Chat, Telegram, Kik and Slack to name a few.

Since the announcement the Chatbot market has grown exponentially with developers and user experimenting with celebrity Chatbots like the many Selena Gomez Chatbots and the Shakespeare Chatbots, flirty ones like the Evie Chatbot and other girlfriend Chatbots, as well as the various attempts for adult, 18 and other sex Chatbots.

They are in essence nothing more than a programmed input-output system.

In the most basic form, Chatbots, also known as chatterbots, interact with humans on closed domains via written text.

In 2001, AOL experimented with commercial Chatbots and released a system called was able to give information about the weather, the cinema program and the latest news.

The system was somewhat more intelligent than Eliza, yet restrictive because of its continuous confusion and default answers.

The Chatbot is supposed to be programmed to convince you that he is a real person. According to Turing, if it is not possible to detect in the conversation with an invisible opposite whether the opposite is a human or a machine than one needs to assign a spirit to the opposite even if the opposite is a machine.

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