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This will include both multi-sectoral investment programs that integrate a basket of services (for example, upgrading of electricity, water, sanitation, roads, drains in unplanned settlements); and sector specific projects (for example, in urban water, solid waste, and transport) to improve the effectiveness of service delivery.

India: urbanization Beyond Municipal Boundaries (2013) This review looks at the pace and patterns of India's urbanization, providing a 100-year perspective on demographic shifts and a 20-year perspective on the spatial distribution of jobs across India's portfolio.

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To meet the challenges that creates, city leaders must move quickly to plan, connect, and finance resilient and sustainable growth.

This report provides a framework for urban growth planning and finance, backed by case studies, to help leaders identify the impediments to urbanization and find the right combinations of policy options that would work politically, technically, and fiscally for their cities and countries.

This has helped to create jobs, increase human capital, decrease poverty, and expand opportunities and improve living conditions for millions of Ghanaians.

Ghana’s urban transformation has been momentous, but it is not unique: a similar process has characterized other countries at similar levels of development.

New and differentiated service standards will need to be established across both dense urban built-up areas and small villages and rural settlements within the newly-expanded metropolitan municipality administrative area.

Rising Through Cities in Ghana (2015) Rapid urbanization in Ghana over the past three decades has coincided with rapid GDP growth.It follows an earlier India Urbanization Review that focused on identifying options for accomodating India's rapid urban expansion, with the goal of nurturing metropolitan economies and connecting per-urban areas and included case studies.Planning, Connecting, and Financing Cities – Now: What City Leaders Need to Know (2013) Developing countries are urbanizing fast.The Urbanization Reviews help answer these critical questions.A series of prototypes have been piloted under the Urbanization Review, which seek to build a body of knowledge on urbanization challenges and public policy implications in a variety of country settings.Pilots in Colombia, India, Indonesia and Vietnam have already generated considerable traction with counterparts in national planning agencies and line ministries.

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