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Brits also consume so much food at the all-you-can-eat buffet that they can put on over half a stone in just the fortnight they're away.

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'The Lloyds are a typically hard-working British family, away on their annual trip to reconnect and recharge their batteries.'When the bonus comes that’s the first thing we put money down on.

We’ve done all-inclusive a couple of times and when you work it out it is more cost effective.' explains father Wayne, who works in logistics for Ikea.

The Lloyd family also have a discussion over dinner, leading father Wayne to worry about the future of their holidays.‘The pound won’t stretch so far.

I anticipate that the holidays and travel abroad will become more expensive.

One annoyed holidaymaker explains her routine: 'I was down there at five to six, it was pitch black the stars are out and 80 per cent of the sunbeds are gone.

'I was then saying to different people, “what time did you get up? It's mad.'According to cleaner Erminia, the sun loungers are filled with towels by 7am but there's never anyone there - they're all enjoying the breakfast buffet.He was angry that he lost out on precious Euros: ‘I didn’t expect us to be voted out.’'Well you’re the mug then aren’t you?You got the hump but you didn’t put your vote in,’ she laughs.Waiter Andrey adds: 'Their eyes are bigger than their tummies.' 'Here if you are English, it gives you English options, so you don’t have to eat Spanish food,' says Danny of the Lloyd family.His mother Nicky isn't keen on Spanish delicacies like paella either: 'I don't do fish.' Brexit is one thing all of the holidaymakers can’t ignore – no matter if they voted or not – because the falling exchange rate meant that their holiday spends suffered.The Secret Life of the Holiday Resort proves that Brits truly do play to stereotype with their disregard for local custom and bad behaviour.(Left) The Lloyd family play the part of the British holidaymaker to perfection as they make some startling confessions.

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