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He's also done public sector work at both the municipal and federal level. Online associate degrees in computer science provide students with a relatively broad and generalized introduction to the field, covering subjects such as computer architecture and systems, data structures, database design and, most importantly, programming in a wide variety of computer languages.Additionally, as with most other associate degree programs, students will need to successfully complete a substantial general education requirement including classes geared to provide a strong foundation in communications, language, history, the humanities, and quantitative and scientific knowledge and skills.For those individuals who want to go to the finish line & help me find them their most incredible woman of their dreams.

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Find online programs, get the inside scoop on computer degrees, and more.

Computer science is as diverse as any field out there today. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for computer occupations between 20 is excellent, with an expected 18% growth as compared with an expected 11% total growth for all occupations.

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His experience ranges from Java software development to Lotus Notes architecture. Finding the right subject area and degree level very much depends on an individual’s specific professional goals and lifestyle expectations, not to mention the academic and financial resources available to that individual.

His professional history includes work in the pharmaceutical, information technology, and financial industries. What follows is a timeline of degree choices for computer science students, from the shortest to the longest in duration, along with a look at some of the most important decisions that will have to be made along the way.

Second, it prepares graduates for entry-level computer-related jobs.

Computer science students may find it difficult to break into the employment market with an associate degree as more and more employers demand that their employees enter with at least a bachelor's degree-level education.

The choices for those interested in computer-centered professions continue to grow as rapidly as does the ever-changing and expanding digital world. Becoming a part of this in-demand field requires a strong commitment to completing a post-secondary degree program.

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