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Some of the other strips, I hope, try to more deeply examine anger itself, especially how it relates to ideas about masculinity.

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Rest assured—Dawson’s trademark klutzy, lumpy-but-relatable figures are still present, as is his desire to delve into everything that makes him and the reader feel uncomfortable.

Is there any correct stance to assume when your hypothetical teenage daughter starts to date?

The idea being that I know better than she does “what they’re really after.” I wonder, for what or whom am I supposed to perform this character?

Am I worried about my daughter’s well-being, or is this something between me and these theoretical young men, where we jockey for influence in a young woman’s decisions?

How do you gently expose your kids to the dark side of existence?

Is there something understandable in the kind of deliberately ignorant tribalism that seems to shape more and more of our discourse?

I have distinct childhood memories of laying awake fretting about god and where the edge of the universe was.

My first book, Freddie & Me, was baldly concerned with mortality—other people’s, but also my own.

Troop 142, a story about a Boy Scout camp and (more generally) the horrors of the adolescent male, started out as a webcomic before being republished by Secret Acres as a hardcover book.

More recently, Angie Bongiolatti looked at political activism through the lens of a sort-of love story.

You start to learn better to let things go as you realize how little control you have. We all know what we know about the problems of the world, and we all have the same desires to keep our children safe and to see them living happy lives.

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