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Not one of my better moments, that's for sure guaranteeing no presents for me that Xmas!

This is a limited edition product at this price so don't wait!

(This is, of course, my experience with the product and my research into the components.

In this day with so much fraud it's refreshing to find an organization who puts your donation where you want it to go!

Plus they are based in Portland, Oregon, so for me I get to keep it local!

BATHORY - Conjure Cosmetics Facial Serum: 100% cruelty free and 100% vegan.

Inspired by the darkness of the Hallows season, I have developed the most amazing, Goth girl skin facial serum.

DIVINE LOVE: Cardamom pod, red frankincense, smoked oud, crimson amber, Spanish moss, cacao infused patchouli, and tourmaline infused gem elixir, the gemstone that is associated with eighth wedding anniversaries as well as protection from heartless thieves.

Conjure Cosmetics Facial Serum I feel that to tell the story of Countess Erzebet Bathory never does the tale justice, as the entire truth of her crimes of depravity aren't known for sure as she is known as one of the most prolific serial killers of all time, killing up to 650 women.

VIVA BORIQUA, VIVA CUBA, VIVA MEXICO - Hurricane Maria Relief Fund raiser Around September 19th and for days following the aftermath of hurricane Irma, Cuba and Puerto Rico were slammed with hurricane Maria.

Cuba was blasted, Puerto Rico, better (and non Colonially) known as Boriqua lost 100% of power, engulfing the entire country in darkness.

I know it doesn't sound all fiery and passionate, but I've come to realize in my forties that stability is sexy and consistency is more loving than all the Neruda you could read to me at midnight.

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