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Nowadays glasses are so nicely designed that I know of girls who don’t wear them envying girls who do. Mascara and eye pencil, like rouge, are artifices best left to others.

Teenagers who come to school with coloured blobs above each eyelid look plain silly.

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She ought to have been a sure-fire success, but oddly enough she didn’t catch on. Without them, even with the best will in the world, we appear to be rude.

The most basic of all the basic fundamentals is getting along with people. You need to share pleasure in order to really savour the sensation. In order to have friends you must be the kind of person people like, and to be that person you must have qualities which are likable.

This book taught me about everything from hair and make-up to bravery, self-confidence and the importance of reaching out to others. By following the advice in Betty’s book, Maya went from social outcast to cool kid at school; she has since written a bestseller, Popular: Vintage Wisdom For a Modern Geek, and has become the youngest non-actor to make a deal with a film studio The funny, blunt and helpful advice made Betty feel like the older sister I never had. But the truth of the matter is that because I am a model I decided to write this book.

I admired her, blamed her when things didn’t go to plan and had long conversations in my head with the teen model turned author who was so sure of herself and of my ability to overcome my fears and better myself. Being a model I had to know what was the right thing to say and do anytime, anywhere. Suddenly you are the kind of person who has that wonderfully elusive thing called poise.

To be adequately brushed, hair should be stroked at least 100 times each night. Put your head down and start with the brush at the roots of the hair and then follow the hair down to the tips with clean firm strokes.

One of the first things to learn is that you must never let your make-up look obvious. Clear reds and strong pinks are good colours to work with. By postponing your visit you gain nothing but the possibility of a very large toothache.

You never see a model slouch, you never see a model with her bottom poked out or her chin resting on her breastbone.

A model knows that good posture is basic to a good figure and that a good carriage goes hand in hand with good posture. Someone once told me to stand as if I wore a beautiful jewel that I wanted to show off at my bosom, and I think that perhaps is the best advice I can pass on to you.

Beautiful hair is about the most important thing a girl has.

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