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This includes inculcation of healthy attitudes toward human sexuality based on respect for the dignity of every person as a child of God, on the virtue of chastity and on the practice of self-discipline. Furthermore, we should try not to patronize stores that sell pornographic materials. We should also consider organizing programmes and activities in order to get community attention focused on the problem. Also, our governments should try and take a second look at programmes shown on our television channels and pass laws that would not encourage the broadcasting of pornographic programmes. t know what to say to them, they need to do something about their business.They should also ban the printing and publication of pornographic materials in Ghana. I know there are softwares that they can used to block access to pornographic sites.Instead of enjoying the mind and heart of a woman, they focus on her body--undressing her in their thoughts and picturing what it would be like to have a sexual encounter with her.

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It creates unrealistic demands about the frequency of sex, specific sexual acts, and the nature of a woman's sexual response, to name just a few.

Real life seldom lives up to what is represented in the fake world of pornography. Pornography provides a powerful sexual stimulant or aphrodisiac effect, followed by sexual release, most often through masturbation.

Young people themselves can help to stem the tide of pornography by responding positively to the initiatives of their parents and educators and by taking responsibility for their own moral decisions in the choice of entertainment.

I know these maybe very difficult to undertake but when serious measures are put in place, it would go a long way in saving our nation Ghana from the plague of Pornography.

Most of them told me they use their pocket money to pay for browsing the internet and spend most of their break time and after close of school to visit these internet caf? Some even decide not to attend extra classes because they have to go to the cafes to surf the internet.

Those would be young people with minds and morals still forming, kids so inexperienced at life that they begin to believe deviate pornographic behavior is normal and acceptable.But pornography has become much more than just photographs of nude women and men.In Ghana, especially in the cities, one can easily find several kinds of pornographic materials displayed.People who would never go to a cinema or theatre to watch a pornographic movie will obtain these video cassettes through their video clubs and watch them in the privacy of their homes. Rating standards in Ghana are being relaxed and many pornographic movies are being shown and distributed. Thus, many pornographic movies are shown on cable television. This type is now the most dangerous and easily accessible.Usually these videos display a high degree of hard core pornography and illegal acts. I quite remember watching a movie with a cousin who is about 16 years, all of a sudden there was a sex scene, so I asked my cousin to ? , he told me the film is rated 15 and he is 16years so he is more than qualified to watch, I was surprised . Like video cassettes, cable TV provides the average person with easy access to pornographic material. Hard core pictures, movies, online chat, and even live sex acts can be downloaded and viewed by virtually anyone through the Internet.Therefore how can we deal with the issue of pornography? They must teach them what sex is, and must evaluate their exposure to media (magazines, TV shows, etc) with inappropriate sexual themes.

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